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You can download v3.5.1 from the following Link: Download v3.5.1

Important: Please make sure that you use a v3.5.x Platform ! (Help - About)


  • Domino Mailflow Analysis Sensor

Added the capability to count the amount of cycles until the mail has/hasn't been delivered to the recipient mailbox. This cycle count can be used for alerting/action purpose


  • General
  • Replaced httpclient in all relevant Sensors to OKHttpClient
  • Adjusted GreenLight Update process to support debz filetypes
  • Adjusted WebSphere truststore path to /opt/panagenda/binaries/security/cacerts
  • Minor PostgreSQL adjustments


Bug Fix

  • Domino DB Access Sensor


Fixed an Issue with access permission on folder  /opt/panagenda/dbbkp