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Configuration Database
[Admin]Targeting Actions at certain users, groups or certifiers is based on Reader fields. This ensures that MarvelClient only "sees" exactly those Actions that have been associated to each corresponding end user.

Users with role [Admin] can see all documents in the Configuration database and are also able to edit them, target them at other users and save them. This is also why users with role [Admin] are by default affected by all Actions – however, [Admin] users can be easily excluded from Actions.

[AOnlineUpdate]The role [AOnlineUpdate] is required to carry out an Online Update in the Configuration database. Using Online Update, new versions (binaries/DLLs, templates and languages, for example) and licenses can be downloaded and further on rolled out seamlessly.
[GE-Automate]Displays the section MarvelClient Automate in the Navigator for customers with a MarvelClient Automate license.
[HideEssentials]Hides the Essentials view and RunTypes for panagenda customers and prevents automatic opening of the welcome screen.
[NoButtonTrans]Disables translation of buttons - this is necessary for customers who are using ECL lockdown and for which - No Signature - does not have the right to read and write from/to the source window
[Rollback]Users with the role [Rollback] are able to see the option Advanced\Rollback / Restore in the Navigator in order to verify which restore jobs are still out-standing or respectively already completed.
[Server]Servers with the role [Server] can see all documents in the Configuration database (similar to role [Admin]).
[ShowFolders]Users with this role see the section Self-created Folders section in the Navigator
[Staging]The role [Staging] enables the view Advanced Staging. This allows the support of mass migration projects with many hundreds to thousands of server- sided changes on a daily basis,, without having to manually create as many single MassChange Actions.
[XML]All Actions generate XML code for MarvelClient to execute. This XML code is not visible in all tabs unless the role [XML] is granted in the ACL of the MarvelClient Configuration database. Note that the Admin tab always displays the XML code anyway.