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Exploring the MarvelClient Analyze database

Numerous views and charts help you oversee and see through your Notes client landscape from within the MarvelClient Analyze database:

ViewDescriptionUse Cases
Users\by State and Upl(oad)KeyShows all client data categorized by Audited state
(Up to date or Updated since last audit)

Audit new and changed documents

Users\by Notes-Name

Shows all client data sorted by abbreviated Notes username
(e.g., florian vogler/panagenda)

NOTE: by default a user can have more than one document,
as data is uploaded for each client release on each computer.
In other words, if a user uses multiple machines and/or mulitple
client releases, there will be a document for each machine and each release.

Also note that you can limit multiple documents per users via
[Administration\Cleanup & more] in combination with the (Cleanup) agent.

Lookup client details by Notes user
Users\by Notes-Name\HierarchicalCategorized right to left by certifier, e.g., panagenda\DevelopmentOverview of users by certifier
Users\by Date last uploadedCategorized by YYYY\MM of last update

See how often users restart their clients and/or look at client data from decommissioned users.

NOTE: You can also automatically cleanup documents not updated within xx days via
[Administration\Cleanup & more] in combination with the (Cleanup) agent.