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Upgrading MarvelClient - including MarvelClient Essentials - is easily done from within the MarvelClient Config database upon successful purchase.

For further details, please visit our website.


Module / Edition

Free or Optional Upgrade

Major benefits

MarvelClient Essentials


Included in IBM/HCL Notes and Domino since 10.0.1

Separate Download available for earlier releases

See MarvelClient Essentials

HCL Nomad Mobile


See MarvelClient Basic

HCL Nomad Web

FreeSee MarvelClient Basic

See The Domino Directory Nomad Web Migration Action

MarvelClient Basic

Optional Upgrade

Manage desktop / workspace icons, bookmarks, local replicas, replicator pages, location and connection documents, preferences

Reduce helpdesk tickets by up to 80%.

MarvelClient Eclipse

Optional Upgrade

Manage Eclipse (Standard clients) settings and plugins, configure Sametime and Connections in Notes

MarvelClient Automate

Optional Upgrade

Automatically add, remove and update icons and bookmarks for all your users in synch with ACL and group changes, as well as when databases are created, moved or deleted on Domino servers

MarvelClient Realtime

Optional Upgrade

Prevent creation of databases outside of the Notes data directory, or even therein

Automatically connect travelling users with nearer servers

MarvelClient Roaming

Optional Upgrade

Roam and backup entire Notes client configurations with as little as 2 MB per client

Reduce Notes backup volume by up to 95%

Reduce network traffic by up to 98% compared to Notes data directories on network drives

Ensure best possible client startup times

MarvelClient Upgrade

Optional Upgrade

Upgrade your Notes Windows and Citrix/VDI clients easily

Perform Notes client upgrades within days, not months


Significantly reduce upgrade error rates, end user downtime and support efforts

MarvelClient Zip/Unzip

Optional Upgrade

Reduce attachment sizes and simplify handling of zip files

(Windows only)

MarvelClient Attachment Blocking

Optional Upgrade

Prevent unwanted attachments or attachment sizes

MarvelClient Mail Blocking

Optional Upgrade

Prevent unwanted email volume (email size multiplied with number of recipients) and disallow sending to certain groups or people