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Welcome to MarvelClient 10.0!

Thank you for taking your time to read our release notes.
Here you will find all information about MC 10.0.0, as well as any subsequent MC 10.0.x releases, as they become available.

Lastest Versions

Config: 20190110142500
Analyze: 20190110142500
dll/dylib: 10.0.1116
Upgrade: 10.0.1
Eclipse plugin: 3.0.2


There is a problem with version information in Notes 9.0.1 FP10 IF6 which causes serious issues in MarvelClient.

Please see our advisory for more details.

What's new?

An overview of some of the more prominent changes; for more in-depth information consult the other sections further down, especially the detailed release notes.

Version 10

With our latest release we have increased our major version to 10 to match the new and exciting release of Notes 10! From this point forward, we will match our major version number to that of Notes, to make it easier to know how MC and Notes releases align.

Also, this is the first version of MC to support Notes 10.

Database UI facelift

The Config and Analyze databases have an all new look!
Not only does it look more modern, we've also streamlined as much as possible to increase usability and consistency.

We hope you like it - any feedback is very much appreciated!

No more Help DB

The Help database is going the way of the dodo. Instead, you can now find all the information right here in our MC knowledge base. OnlineUpdate will automatically suggest deletion of the Help database as soon as you update to MC 10. Just make sure you bookmark this website.

MC Upgrade now better integrated

It has its own sections in Config and Analyze databases, and OnlineUpdate will now also download any versions of MC Upgrade you are entitled to.

MC Installer

A new database that makes it easier for new customers to get going with their trials or test installations.

Windows binaries no longer compressed

Up until now, binaries for Windows were compressed to save space and make distribution easier. We regret that this is no longer possible - due to factors out of our control.

MarvelClient Essentials

Together with HCL we are proud to give you MarvelClient Essentials - a new, free version of MarvelClient, available to any Notes customer.

Read more about it in the next section!

Table of Contents

MarvelClient Essentials

A set of free functionality for any current Notes customer; read more about it here. You'll see a welcome screen in the new database UI that tells you more as well.

What is in Essentials?

Its goal is to provide limited analyze capabilities, and a basic framework of functionality to enable easier client upgrades. To give people a taste of the full MarvelClient experience, for free!

The following action types are included:

  • *.ini & Variables
  • User Preferences
  • Registry Management
  • Backup (only non-roamingset)
  • File Deployment
  • Smart File Downloader
  • Run Program (only non-Notes)
  • all Conditions

For Analyze, MC will only write data for the desktop, bookmarks, config.xml, and notes.ini.

Differences between MC Essentials and full MC

The databases are the same - just by getting a license you will turn an Essentials database into the full version. The Essentials binary, on the other hand, is different from its full counterpart. It has different runtimes, does not check for a license, and only has very limited capabilities. You can, however, use DLL Update actions to go from Essentials to Full.

To see in more detail what is and what is not in Essentials, visit this feature comparison.

What does Essentials mean for existing customers?

Important: As a current MarvelClient customer, you do not need to install Essentials; all functionality of Essentials is automatically available to you, regardless of license.

Simply put: If you already own MarvelClient, you can ignore Essentials for the most part.

You do not need to install MC Essentials; the databases are the same, and the binaries for Essentials are stripped down versions of Full MC. Just by updating to MC 10 you get the same free goodies as everyone else - in your existing MC installation.

If you are running Essentials and Full MC in parallel, Essentials will disable itself.

Attention - Action Required

These are changes that might require you to pay attention, and/or do something after updating to this version.

You'll find all these in the detailed release notes as well.

Realtime Restriction

If you have Realtime Restriction actions that use <rel:mailserver> references, you might want to check if they are still working as expected, since we fixed a bug with this reference. This fix changes the format of the server it returns.

ICAA detection

The config variable <notes:mode_running> now will be set to "icaa" for Notes 10+ ICAA clients. Older client versions, as well as older DLL versions will leave it on "basic". This means any conditions querying <notes:mode_running> should be checked and adjusted, if you are using ICAA clients at all.

Updating from MC Essentials 10.0.0

If you are using MC Essentials 10.0.0 and are updating to either a newer version of Essentials, or to any MC Full older than 10.0.0, you might want to try it out in a test system first. In some combinations and situations, the Essentials binary will not disable itself as it should. If you run into issues, please contact support to help you manage this update.

notes.ini actions are now persistent

Starting with Config template version 20181106132700, notes.ini actions will no longer be set to "run once only" by default, and will instead be set to run persistently. While the notes.ini is persistent on its own, and setting something once should suffice in many cases, it can lead to unexpected problems when the notes.ini gets cleared out or roaming is not set up properly.

This does not affect existing actions, only newly created ones.

Help database is being retired

Feel free to delete the MC Help databases you currently have, they are being retired.

Notes 9.0.1 FP10 issues

Due to a bug in FP10 and some FP10 interim fixes, the Notes client reports its own version wrong (900 instead of 9). This causes problems with MC, since a lot of functionality has to behave differently based on the version of Notes we are running on. We have added code to correct this problem in Notes with MC DLL 10.0.7 - so make sure you use this (or a newer) release if you run into problems.
There are also other issues with version information, please see our advisory for more details.

System Requirements


Notes client: 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.0.0, 10.0.1 (MC 10.0.4+). This includes Basic, Standard and ICAA clients.
Operating system: Windows 2012 R2, 2016, 7, 8, 10, and Citrix/WTS. Apple Intel macOS 10.12-10.14. Linux.
Note: Support is limited for platform and release combinations not supported by IBM


Notes client releases for certain administrative tasks, such as OnlineUpdate, require Notes 9.0.1 FP8+ and are limited to Notes clients running on Windows.


Any Domino and OS version supported by IBM.

Platform-specific limitations

Some functionality is not available on all Notes client operating systems.


Our support for Linux is generally limited, newer features will not be available. A list of major functionality that is absent:

  • Eclipse Management
  • Skinning
  • Realtime
  • Zip/Unzip
  • Attachment Blocking 
  • Runtypes: "Before Login - Init", "After Login - After Write", "On first server access", "Background - Init" and "Background"


  • Eclipse Management
  • Skinning
  • Realtime
  • Zip/Unzip
  • Attachment Blocking

Detailed Release Notes

In chronological order of release (will be updated if new versions of any component are released):

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