If you need a custom view that gives you some explicit infos, you can create your own custom views:

eg: a view that shows your users categorized by OS and Notes version.



You can create any view you need :

  • Please open the  Analyze-DB in your Designer (right click - open in Designer) - locally or on a Server where you have the approriate rights:


  • If you have opened the db in designer, please navigate to Views:


  • Please select the view "OS.Users by OS" (depending on which view you want to create, you may have to find a better matching view to copy - for the herein described use case of creating a view "Users by OS and Notes release", this view is best)

  • Copy the view to the clipboard and paste it.

Please select the pasted view  - the name will be "Copy Of OS. Users by OS":


  • On the properties tab below the list of views, the box "Prohibit design refresh ..." must be checked, this will ensure that your view won't be deleted when performing an Online Update anytime later.


  • Select the view again and press "F2" to rename it - e.g. to "User by OS and Notes Version" (without quotation marks).

Very IMPORTANT: please remove the alias!


  • Please edit the renamed view by double clicking it.

Please double click on the collumn "OS" and replace the existing formula  ...
... in its' entirety with the following:

NOTE: Conactinating multiple values with "\\" will display values as firstcategory\subcategory1\subcategory2 etc. - In @Formulas, a backslash must be coded as two consequtive backslashes.


  • If you finished, please close Designer - You will now find your newly created view in the section "Self-created Folders":


Please use this example as a quideline for any custom views you may want to create.