The GreenLight Live Monitor Health Grid Dashboard provides you an overview of all your monitored domino servers. By default, the Health Grid webpage comes out of the box with a standardized column structure in which you easily can see the Domino Task status as well mailing information.




One of the advantages you have with GreenLight compared with other Domino monitoring tools is that you can change individually the column structure based on your needs so that you have your important statistic value visible on your health grid. There is no limitation of the amount of columns, so basically the only limit is the width of your monitor. Below we demonstrate one example how easy you can add an additional column.



To do this, open Live Monitor, then switch to the Health Grid tab and click on the Configure columns and thresholds at the bottom of the screen.



Add – example: Data Disk % free

Select the Disk Statistic Sensor, select the statistic type and drag&drop it down to the columns.




The Disk Information appears as a new column at the right hand side.




Unfortunately with the current release of GreenLight, it is not possible to drop the new column to an already existing Category. Therefore you have to do the following step in order to add columns to categories:

Right click on the new column, select Cut column, right click on the Category you want to add the new column and click on Paste column.





The result should look like this.



In addition you can rename the column name so that you get rid of the full statistic name. To do so, just right click on the column and select Rename column.


Enter the new Column Text:



Click Finish.




The adjusted Health Grid Dashboard should depict now the free disk space information.