Within the server details interface, we offer the option to check mail.box content on demand. It is then possible to open those databases in Notes or a web browser using a direct link from within GreenLight.

To do this, open Live Monitor, then switch to the Health Grid tab and double-click on a Server to start the Domino Details dialog.
In Server Details click Mailing and then Check mail.box databases to populate the Mailbox On-Demand list. Then click Notes or Web to open the Mailbox. (see provided Screenshot)

Within the sensor details interface, you can check measurement results of individual sensors. Looking at a Log Analysis sensor, a list of log lines can be found that that match the search query. It is then possible to open the corresponding documents in log.nsf directly by using the provided link labeled "Notes".

Start the Sensor Result Dialog from the Sensor Overview Tab in the LiveMonitor View by double-clicking on a Server.
In the dialog, select Domino Log Analysis  from the Sensor Results list (if you haven’t configured your Sensors properly, there will be no  selection available).
In the LogEntries tab, click on Notes in the Open Document column to open the corresponding log in the Notes Client. (see provided Screenshot)