Depending on your environment you may need to enlarge the virtual disk on which GreenLight stores its data on.
Please note that all virtual disks have to be located on the same physical storage. 
Please also note that extending disk space ALWAYS means that you have to add a new additional disk on virtual hardware level. I. e. extending disk space never means enlarging existing disks

In order to enlarge the partition in the GreenLight Appliance, perform the following steps:

  1. The easiest way to enlarge a partition in GreenLight is to use the installed partition manager GParted. Please launch it using the Applications menu (you can also start GParted from the Terminal with "sudo gparted"):

  2. Select the new physical disk:

  3.  Select the unallocated space, open the Device menu and on click on Create Partition Table:

  4. Click on Apply in the warning:

  5. Select the new unallocated space, right-click and select New:

  6. From the Createas drop down menu, select PrimaryPartition and chose lvm2pv as File system (if needed, a Label can be defined):

  7. Save your changes by clicking the apply button - also on the popup message

  8. Start the LogicalVolumesManager from the Applications menu

  9. Open the Logical View on the left hand side, select Physical View and click Extend VolumeGroup:

  10. Select your new volume and click OK:

  11. Select the logical volume opt_panagenda_pgdata (for initial dimensioning see Setup Guide): 

  12. Resize the logical volume as needed:

  13. Please restart the Appliance

Tip: You can repeat this enlargement whenever you need more space.