Whenever you try to connect your BI Tool with OfficeExpert it is very likely that you see the following error:

The error states that there is no relationship in regards to the SSL keys used between the Appliance and the Client.
You have to perform the following steps in order to solve this case.

  • Replace the SSL keys on the appliance with your owne keys:  certfile.pem, keyfile.key

Location: /opt/panagenda/appdata/volumes/nginx

Both files must not be encrypted (no pass phrase required!)

Keep the same file names

  • Reboot the Appliance
  • Make sure that your client (which you use for the BI tool) has a computer certificate deployed with the same root domain

If you want to use the self issued ssl certificate please perform the following steps:

How to export your self-signed appliance SSL certificate to use with Excel or Power BI