If you cannot follow the steps described under Azure Deployment in the Basic Setup section of the Setup Guide, you will have to perform the following steps to set up the ACE Bot for OfficeExpert:

 Please ensure that all Network and Firewall - Requirements are met!

  1. Access shell.azure.com and log in as Azure tenant administrator. Alternatively, you can also use Azure CLI.

  2. Clone this repository by executing:
    git clone https://github.com/panagenda/oe-on-az.git; cd oe-on-az

  3. Set the subscription ID accordingly (Azure Subscription you want to use):

    az account set --subscription <subscription id>

    Example: az account set --subscription "12345678-9ABC-DEF1-234-56789ABCDEF1"

  4. OPTIONAL — only required if you run your OfficeExpert appliance on-premises!
    Create resource group in Azure (we recommend to use the default name: "pana-oe-rg")

    az group create --name  <resource-group> --location <location> --subscription <subscription id>

    Example: az group create --name  "pana-oe-rg" --location "westeurope" --subscription "12345678-9ABC-DEF1-234-56789ABCDEF1"

  5. Execute the following command to create the ACE Bot:

    ./create-bot.sh <resource-group> <location> <dns name of the appliance>

    Example: ./create-bot.sh "pana-oe-rg" "westeurope" "officeexpert.at.your-company.com"

  6. Continue with Configure the ACE Bot in Azure Portal (bottom of the page) → Configure ACE Bot in Azure Portal