Most documents (Actions and Conditions, for example) in the MarvelClient Configuration database display the following elements in the header area:

The Header of a document
  1. An action bar that holds actions such as Edit, Save, Close.
  2. Up to four tabs: The What, When, Who and Admin tabs.
  3. A title field for Giving a document a title.
    Every document in the MarvelClient Configuration database has a title field, which - together with the Runtype of an Action and the priority specified on the Admin tab - may be vital for the order in which actions are executed.
  4. A checkbox field through which many documents can be specifically enabled or disabled.
  5. Details on which module a particular action (or subconfiguration of an action) belongs to and its licensing state.

Devices and Platforms

In this section, you get an overview for which platforms and devices an Action is available.