The Productfamily around OfficeExpert contain several items.

The first two pillars (Ops Analytics and Teams & M365 Usage Analyitcs/License Management) is offered as a virtual appliance (turn key solution) whereas the EPM (End-Point Performance Monitoring) Pillar is offered as a SaaS solution.

OfficeExpert EPM (End-Point Performance Monitoring)  → What is OfficeExpert EPM

Teams & M365 Usage Analytics + License Management offers a tremendous overview across all different M365 workloads.  The real gold nugget is the capability to deep dive into your MS Teams ecosystem where you can slice and dice your data based on your needs. The License Management part covers everything around Subscriptions and assigned Service Plans. It gives you detailed depiction of every single Subscription you have in place and where you can optimize things. Things like

Ops Analytics offers unique location based end-to-end performance analysis for M365 - Exchange, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint  and Skype for Business, including...