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Is your organization looking to seize the opportunities of modernizing your IT infrastructure and workplace environment? panagenda can help you ease out many different business pain points of your migration and transformation projects, plan better and execute faster. We make you more successful.

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Clear detail analysis at application level

Regard your IT infrastructure from a user, database, and server perspective. Your Management benefits from reliable facts and figures for well-founded project planning and evaluation. Your IT employees receive crucial technical details for conducting the transformation. Even at this stage, experienced panagenda consultants can suggest possible measures for safe and efficient implementation based on your current and future requirements.


Preparing the existing IT infrastructure

Immediately recognize cost and scope reductions with the right perspective on your application environment. Get decisive insights into which parts of your system are utilized and what optimization potentials your user’s usage behavior has in store for you. Reports on usage, complexity and interfaces to other systems (e.g. mail), make the planning and execution of migration projects more efficient than ever before.


Automated mass changes in your client environment

The world’s most efficient client management solution helps fulfill your goals and our consultants can offer help and advice. Migrations and consolidations of all kinds are clearly and easily calculable. Whether on-premise, cloud, Microsoft Outlook, HCL Notes, HCL Verse or open client strategies, choose your path without resistance.

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