Optimization is always based on profound analysis.

panagenda analysis solutions enable comprehensive cost and strategy optimization at management level. Our optimization and management solutions support IT in the implementation of future-oriented projects.

Our optimization products


Intelligent and comprehensive optimization on application level
Which applications are rarely used? Which have important email interfaces? What is the complexity? Answers to these and other questions make planning and executing your application optimization even more efficient. From browser apps to platform migration. Find out more…


Management for your perfect client environment: comprehensive and efficient
Boost the productivity of your employees through the optimal configuration for IBM Notes, Outlook and Windows. Control everything centrally and benefit from up to 80% fewer helpdesk calls. Ideal client management helps you in day-to-day activities as well as your project plans at client level. Find out more…


Identify potential for optimization in the IT infrastructure
Analyse and optimize licensing and operating costs, as well as the load and security of your systems. Consolidate for instance, servers and find the ideal settings for your environment. Based on profound reports, you increase the efficiency of your entire IT infrastructure. Find out more…


Optimize the performance and use of IBM Connections
Performing servers and the ideal strategy are key to successful social adoption. In an optimized IBM Connections environment, you benefit from the increased adoption rate and your users benefit from the best possible user experience. Find out more…


Maximum safety through substantial safety audits
Who has access to what? Who is in which groups and why? Interactive visualizations and aspects make security audits more efficient than ever before. By analyzing all groups and access rights, you can immediately see how potential security gaps can be closed. Find out more…

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