Get continuous and accurate insight into user behavior in order to maximize the potential of your Connections environment.


Increasing the adoption rate is a big challenge when introducing HCL Connections. ConnectionsExpert has been specifically designed to provide continuous usage and adoption insights.

It reveals approaches to accelerating adoption and is a great source for management reports.


In powerful environments such as HCL Connections, important information can often only be retrieved at great expense. One of the focal points of ConnectionsExpert is a well-visualized and detailed analysis of the important information. In addition to ready-made reports for many business cases, you will find a comprehensive custom reporting platform catering to your specific questions. An API provides access to the ConnectionsExpert data warehouse for Business Intelligence solutions such as Tableau or Power BI.


An outstanding user experience is critical to the success of social business. ConnectionsExpert relies on end-to-end monitoring to evaluate the performance. Access to historical data always allows you to judge situations in the overall context. Continuous control of the individual underlying components and corresponding alarms and notifications ensure that the responsible persons are always up-to-date.


Can I use ConnectionsExpert data in Business Intelligence solutions such as Tableau or Power BI?

Yes. Business Intelligence solutions can access the ConnectionsExpert data warehouse via API, allowing data scientists to visualize and analyze all HCL Connections metrics in their familiar environment.

Are ConnectionsExpert Dashboards available as widgets within HCL Connections?

Yes. You can access the Community Analytics Dashboards directly in HCL Connections.

How can ConnectionsExpert help with adoption?

You are provided with important insights into critical adoption KPIs so you can develop and optimize the perfect social business strategy. Our visualizations show you in which areas action is necessary. Drill-downs allow you to delve into details at any time informing you exactly which levers to pull.

Why do I need a monitoring solution for HCL Connections?

The basis for every successful adaptation is an optimal user experience. Your admins will benefit from a continuous review of the search functionality and database connections, end-to-end application performance simulations, automatic detection of inconsistencies as well as maintenance and optimization potential. This allows your IT not only to keep the entire HCL Connections environment resilient but also to react proactively to any problems.

Can I use ConnectionsExpert to analyze data historically?

Yes. Both analysis, and monitoring data.

Which business sectors benefit from ConnectionsExpert?

ConnectionsExpert provides valuable system insights for IT, interactive community and adoption analysis for community managers and the HR department, as well as comprehensive management dashboards for the management level.

On which platforms is ConnectionsExpert available?

ConnectionsExpert is a Docker package, VMWare or HyperV image to analyze and monitor HCL Connections.

Are there custom reports in ConnectionsExpert?

Yes. In addition to ready-made reports and views for common business cases, ConnectionsExpert also includes a highly customizable charting and reporting platform.

What alerts and notifications can I define in ConnectionsExpert?

For Community Managers

Alarms and notifications contribute to more efficient processes for analysis. Community owners can be notified for instance, if no activity has been recorded in a given community for a long time. In the quite frequent case that a community no longer has an owner, then your organization can react promptly.

For Administrators

ConnectionsExpert detects problems with the underlying infrastructure early and notifies the responsible administrators by means of alerts or notifications. This feature can be used in the operational monitoring area to respond to technical incidents before they affect your productive Connections users.

How easily can ConnectionsExpert be integrated into my system?

ConnectionsExpert is a preconfigured virtual appliance (VMWare / HyperV Image) that is fully installed within minutes.

What makes panagenda ConnectionsExpert unique?

ConnectionsExpert provides monitoring and analysis for HCL Connections in one solution. The feature set for both analysis and monitoring is developed based on practical cases and enhanced on continuous basis. Whether for management, HR or IT, ConnectionsExpert provides you with exactly those insights you need.

From which version of HCL Connections can I use ConnectionsExpert?

panagenda ConnectionsExpert requires at least HCL Connections 5.0.

Does the backend database need to be DB2-based?

No. ConnectionsExpert also supports installations based on Oracle databases.

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