Clever Client Upgrades, Updates, Crossgrades – in only a few minutes from and to every client version

Define your future client landscape with the new standalone version of MarvelClient Upgrade. Accelerate enterprise wide and continuous delivery of new client technologies. Faster, more flexible and more reliable than ever before.

Flexible installation packages: Combine upgrades, feature packs, fix packs, add-ons, third-party software, etc.

Individual upgrades: Customized installation packages, depending on users, groups or hardware

Client upgrade during break-time: 15 minutes from the old to the new client including all user settings

From and to each client version: Upgrade from 6.5 single user directly to 9 multi-user, without any stop-offs

Standalone solution: Comfortable and easy upgrades without the need for further technologies

Watch now: Client upgrades in less than 15 minutes!

Smart File Downloads: Bring installation packages to the end users in a “network-friendly” way

Reliable Backups: All client configurations are preserved, even if directories are changed

Automated Installations and Uninstallations: The software packages of your choice, reliably on ALL your user’s devices

Analysis and evaluation: Detailed insights into progress of the upgrade project, including status emails

Automatic troubleshooting: Proactively and centrally remove failed installation attempts

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Can I only perform upgrades with MarvelClient Upgrade?

No. Theoretically you can uninstall and install any software using the MarvelClient Upgrade module. This means that, in addition to upgrades (for instance, from 8.5 to 9), you can also perform updates (for instance, from 9.0.1 to 9.0.2), cross-grades (for instance, from single to multi-user clients), and even downgrades (for instance, from 9 to 8.5). Of course it’s also possible to install add-ons, fix packs, language packs, etc. You can also install third-party software (such as SSO solutions).

Can MarvelClient Upgrade run multiple installations on end user machines?

Yes. You can start any number of setups (and uninstallations) in the desired order: for instance, starting with the IBM Notes client, then fix packs, language packs, add-ons, widgets for the sidebar, the IBM Connections plugin, etc.

Can I roll out different installation packages?

Yes. With MarvelClient Upgrade, you can define conditions very flexibly. Installation packages can, for instance be rolled out, depending on the hardware type (laptop vs. desktop). Even if you are not using the Smart File Downloader and, where applicable, only one installation package was rolled out, you can define which installations are executed on the respective device.

How is the installation started on the computers of the end users?

MarvelClient Upgrade first checks whether the installation packages are present (and complete) on the user’s device. If this is the case, the user gets for instance a message with which they can initiate or defer the installation process.

Can I customize the installation message?


Can I run the installation message only when the client is shut down?

No. You could also define that the message occurs at client startup. It is also possible to indicate DURING a Notes session that an installation is pending. This guarantees a reliable execution even for users who keep their Notes clients up and running for weeks.

What does MarvelClient Upgrade do, if my users don’t have the permission to perform installations?

MarvelClient Upgrade is executed in administrator context.

What happens when a user defers the installation multiple times?

You can easily define how often an installation may be deferred before the process is enforced.

What happens to unsaved documents?

Our Graceful Shutdown prompts users to save documents.

I have different client versions in my company, do I have to consider this when upgrading?

No. With MarvelClient Upgrade, you only need to define how your client landscape should look at the end.

I have different directory structures in my client landscape, do I need to keep those?

No. You can homogenize the IBM Notes program and data directories. MarvelClient Upgrade automatically adjusts all settings. You really only have to define how your client landscape should look at the end 😉

Do I need to use the Smart File Downloader feature from MarvelClient Upgrade?

No. You can also use other tools for the rollout. For a successful installation, MarvelClient Upgrade must know only the path of the installation files.

Can I use MarvelClient Upgrade if I want to change the mail client to MS Outlook?

Yes. MarvelClient Upgrade supports open client strategies. E.g. IBM Client Application Access (ICAA) in combination with Microsoft Outlook, IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO), as well as IBM Verse. The choice is yours!

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