All systems go. Take full control of your entire Office 365 environment through the OfficeExpert cockpit.

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  • Personalize your Real Time Dashboards easily
  • Generate real end-to-end user simulations
  • Take advantage of the comprehensive early warning system
  • Quickly identify savings potential in your license costs

The essential Admin

A seamless IT environment is essential in today’s professional world. Often this only becomes apparent when access to certain content and systems is not possible. At this point, a good admin is one of the most important people in the company. OfficeExpert is your perfect sidekick when it comes to making the right decisions quickly and efficiently.

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Always one step ahead

With comprehensive end-to-end simulations and efficient analytics, you have a complete overview of your IT environment. With OfficeExpert, you can identify critical situations even before downtimes or bottlenecks. You’re always one step ahead and can tackle unexpected situations at their root. That gives you a decisive edge!

Your OfficeExpert autopilot as a partner

Paying attention to all tasks simultaneously is difficult due to the myriad of challenges in modern IT administration. Focus on your task at hand and have OfficeExpert notify you of deviations to your key figures. This way you can instantly test new installations and be automatically informed when something needs your particular attention.

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On which platforms is OfficeExpert available?

OfficeExpert is a Docker-based VMWare image with expansion components for Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 and Windows Server 2016. Performance Monitoring with OfficeExpert includes Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business and Office 365.

What is the benefit of end-to-end monitoring?

Collecting baseline information from each bot and every location is the first step in a thorough analysis. This provides an overview of what an end user’s current experience looks like, regardless of which client is being used and whether it represents just a snapshot or a longer period.

Can OfficeExpert run simulations against multiple Office365 tenants?

Yes, OfficeExpert end user simulations are multi-tenant capable. This gives you a powerful “simulation grid” in which measurement results from 1-n cloud tenants are displayed. Perfect for system providers! A variety of filter options allow for a customizable display of the measurement data.

Can OfficeExpert automatically send notifications?

OfficeExpert uses Node-Red as a notification framework ( As such it offers countless possibilities when it comes to individual workflows or endpoints. Regardless of where the notification should be sent, you will find the right endpoint for each use case. An e-mail notification workflow is the default in the OfficeExpert UI.

What makes panagenda OfficeExpert special?

OfficeExpert’s end-to-end simulations are not only based on Web APIs but also Outlook as well as Skype for Business (Lync) clients, reflecting real user experiences.

As part of its ‘Smart Measurements’, OfficeExpert even delivers results that provide comprehensive insight into a Skype for Business conference simulation. For example, measuring the time it takes for users from different locations to join a conference.

Which authentication types are currently supported for simulations?

Basic Authentication, ADFS, Certificate Based Authentication as well as Modern Authentication.

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