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  • Do you want to start with the basics or dive right into technical details?
  • Do you prefer learning by doing or listening to an expert session?
  • Do you prefer a one-on-one training or a training with multiple attendees?

panagenda offers both regular training sessions covering a rich variety of topics, as well as custom tailored trainings to best suit your needs and schedule.

panagenda MarvelClient Basic(s)

Learn all you need to know to analyze your IBM Notes client landscape and save time with configuration changes. Discover everything about mass changes, management of notes.ini, desktop icons, bookmarks, replicas and replicator pages and so much more.

panagenda MarvelClient Roaming

You want to find out more about the one true roaming solution for IBM Notes? For desktops, laptops, Citrix, Windows Terminal Servers, VDI and the IBM Browser Plugin? You want to relieve network drives, as well as reduce backup volume and network traffic by up to 95%? You want to implement roaming with IBM SmartCloud or Connections Cloud? This training shows you how to get the most out of MarvelClient Roaming.

panagenda MarvelClient Upgrade

Update, upgrade and crossgrade your IBM Notes clients in just a few minutes! From deploying Hotfixes and Fix Packs, through upgrading IBM Notes and IBM Sametime, to switching from Basic to Standard clients or single-user to multi-user clients, or to the IBM Notes Browser Plugin: With MarvelClient Upgrade, transforming your client landscape is a walk in the park. This training shows you how!

panagenda MarvelClient - Optimizing Virtual Environments

You want stable and fast IBM Notes clients on Citrix, Windows Terminal Servers or in your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)? Then this training is the one for you!

panagenda GreenLight - Server Performance Monitoring

The GreenLight training shows you how easy it can be to setup comprehensive server monitoring. Learn how to use all of GreenLight’s features to increase the security and reliability of your IT infrastructure.

panagenda iDNA - Business Intelligence

Make your data work for you! Discover which questions you can ask and get answers for by using our Business Intelligence solution. Covering rich clients, browser clients, mobile clients, servers, applications and much more!

 The above list of training sessions is just to give you a taste of our extensive offerings for management, IT and end users.

Our experts provide you with an unforgettable learning experience.

Contact us to organize your optimal training session. We look forward to hearing from you!

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