Where and When:
Monday, May 21, 2018
SS Rotterdam
(B. Guadaloupe)
The Netherlands
13:30 – 17:00

SS Rotterdam

What this is About:

Plotting a path forward for your IBM Domino applications can be challenging in the absence of application usage and design metrics. Join us to learn all about panagenda ApplicationInsights – a cohesive way to get started with application landscape transformation! Find out how your very own data gets turned into easy to understand dashboards that show current application usage, code complexity, design similarity and transformation roadblocks so you can decide on which applications can be archived, rewritten or modernized easily.


Best of all – follow our early enablement guide to install ApplicationInsights before this workshop and receive a complimentary walk through of your application data from one of our experienced consultants!

Why you should attend:

Take advantage of the momentum IBM and panagenda have started through their collaboration on ApplicationInsights:

  • Help build a strategic path forward for your IBM Domino applications that provides value to your business while reducing costs and minimizing transformation efforts!
  • Seize opportunities faster by unlocking the value of your existing applications and jump-start your modernization
  • Understand the cloud-readiness, including roadblocks to cloud migration.
  • Learn to identify applications most likely to produce the most profitable results and therefore, how to prioritize your transformation project.
  • Understand data and system dependencies prior to migration. Deep dive discovery provides the foundation for a meaningful plan to move forward.

Can’t attend engage but want to know more about ApplicationInsights?

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