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In this light, the calculation of design complexity has undergone a substantial rework:

  • Complexity categories are now determined by the design complexity of reference templates.
    As a starting point, special IBM standard templates act as reference points, but work has already
    started on allowing customers to specify their own reference templates.

  • It is now possible to adjust the factors which complexity calculation is based on.
    Configuration is available in the settings menu under [Design complexity calculation options]

  • The [Design] → [Complexity] page has received substantial improvements in performance and content.
    Some of its original content is now shown on the page [Design] → [Source Code]

  • The term "Impact" is gone and has been replaced by "Complexity". Wherever the numeric value behind
    complexity categories (e.g. High, Medium, Low) is displayed, it's called complexity index or score.


titleNew Upgrade Procedure

Installation packages are no longer delivered via DEBZ files.The whole update process changes towards a more container oriented methodology in preparation for a potential integration with Kubernetes.

Details on how to update to the new version can be found in this knowledge base article: Upgrading ApplicationInsights Upgrade ApplicationInsights (≥ v1.5.1)

Data Warehouse Rebuild Required