This upgrade method only applies for ApplicationInsights version 1.5.1 or above. If you are operating a version below this, please upgrade first to ApplicationInsights 1.5.1 using the method described under Upgrade ApplicationInsights (< v1.5.1).

Once a new version is available, a popup message will appear in the ApplicationInsights user interface. This notification links the release notes and download links for the new version.

Download the Upgrade Package

Two upgrade packages are available:


The offline package also includes files that may not be required in your installation. Significantly less data will be transferred if the appliance has access to, since only the files necessary for the upgrade will be downloaded.


Install Upgrade Package

Please upload the upgrade package to the appliance's /tmp/ directory using the scp client of your choice (e.g. WinSCP or pscp on Windows).

Use the ssh client of your choice (e.g. putty on Windows) to connect to the appliance and execute the following commands:

cd /tmp

Logs are available in the log directory, e.g. /opt/panagenda/logs/ai-upgrade_<year>-<month>-<day>_<timestamp>.log.

Go to the current ApplicationInsights Release Notes.