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cd /tmp
unzip ifaidnaapplications-upgrade-online/

Logs are available in the log directory, e.g. /opt/panagenda/logs/ia-upgrade_<year>-<month>-<day>_<timestamp>.log.

First Login After the Update

If major changes to the data warehouse occurred during the upgrade, parts of the application may not be available until the data warehouse is rebuilt. This process runs automatically at night, but can be triggered manually after the update. On the first login after the installation, more information on this topic will be displayed, along with the option to trigger the rebuild. It's safe to ignore this message until it vanishes by itself.

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You may also encounter an issue with Metabase dashboards after the first login (see image below). Simply logging out (not just closing the browser) and in again will resolve this issue.

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Go to the current iDNA Applications Release Notes.