Once a new version is available, a popup message will appear in the ConnectionsExport user interface. This notification links the release notes and download links for the new version.

Download the Upgrade Package

This documentation refers to upgrade procedures for ConnectionsExpert v2 and newer. For upgrades from v1 to v2, please refer to the Release Notes v2.0.0.

In general, two upgrade options are available:

  • Online Installer: very small download, but requires the appliance to have (internet) access to docker.panagenda.com. Will only download new files.
  • Offline Installer: large download file, but does not require internet access. This installer will include files necessary to perform the upgrade.


The offline package also includes files that may not be required in your ConnectionsExpert installation. Significantly less data will be transferred if the appliance has access to docker.panagenda.com, since only the necessary files will be downloaded.

No Component Pack (Metrics in DB2/Oracle/etc.)

With Component Pack (Metrics in Elasticsearch)

Install Upgrade Package

Please upload the ConnectionsExpert upgrade package (ce-upgrade.zip / ce-upgrade-offline.zip) to the appliance's /tmp/ directory (using WinSCP for example). 

 Use ssh or putty to connect to the appliance and execute the following commands:

cd /tmp
unzip ce-upgrade.zip

Logs are available in the log directory, e.g. /opt/panagenda/logs/ce-upgrade_<year>-<month>-<day>_<timestamp>.log.


To avoid visual issues, the IBM Connections widget cache has to be cleared. For more information, please refer to the following article in the IBM Knowledge Center: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSYGQH_6.0.0/admin/admin/t_admin_clear_widget_cache.html

Upgrade Bridgehead

If a Bridgehead upgrade is required, you will get a corresponding popup at the first login after the appliance upgrade. Please refer to Bridgehead Upgrade for further instructions.

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