Based on the collected data panagenda ApplicationInsights uses a wide range of criteria to determine design complexity and index.
Factors that for instance can influence the complexity are:

  • Type and number of specific design elements occurring in the application design
  • Specific combinations of design elements occurring in the application design
  • Hardcoded references (for instance hard coded server names, etc.)
  • Number of code blocks and code lines in the application
  • Domino/Notes client dependencies
  • Calls to local systems (for instance code that references a user's local hard disk or accesses specific files stored on the server)
  • Occurrence of specific code elements that can cause potential migration/modernization challenges
  • Occurrences of Author/Reader fields
  • SMTP / mail / fax / etc. references that indicate a dependency on a specific system or server
  • Third party software dependencies
  • Encryption dependencies
  • Mail dependencies
  • Occurrences of specific code functions and snippets or combinations of such code functions and snippets.
  • Etc. etc.


Custom Insights build by your own organization are not considered while computing Design complexity and index scores. Deactivating one or more of the standard provided rulesets (identifiable in the Manage section by the panagenda logo behind them) can impact the complexity and index scores. It is recommended not to do this.

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