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Modernizing or migrating Notes/Domino? An old fan of ApplicationInsights or landing here for the very first time? It doesn’t matter. You’re a professional. You know the value of understanding your application environment from beginning to end. iDNA Applications is the future of application analytics technology.

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ApplicationInsightsiDNA Applications
License ModelPer DB InstancePer Notes User
Data Access OptionAPI onlyAPI and Self-service BI
Trial Installation++
Engagement Option1+
Usage-Only Option2+

The engagement license option (Accelerator Package) is a fully featured 3-month license where data remains accessible for six months after license expiry.
The usage-only license option is an alternative for customers who not looking for detailed insights into source code and are content with basic design complexity topics.

Code Assessment

The perfect overview of the complexity of the entire application environment for you or your developers. How many lines of code are relevant, which programming language is strongly represented, and how do complexity and dependencies affect your application strategy?

Application strategies

Whether migration, modernization or ongoing operation, ApplicationInsights is your key to strategy optimization. By linking usage and application design information, you have the perfect foundation for your project: Minimize operating costs and calculate risks and expenses into minute detail.


How does ApplicationInsights help me with application modernization?

ApplicationInsights provides decision makers and application development teams critical insights to decide, plan and execute. It provides quantitative and qualitative information that enables for proper segmentation by usage, type of access and design specialties.

How does ApplicationInsights calculate design complexity?

Application design complexity is derived from a number of different factors based on a quantitative analysis of code elements, lines of code and code languages. It also takes into account a variety of additional quantifiers like Reader/Author fields, custom XPages controls, etc. to arrive at the complexity score.

What is the difference between design complexity and design impact?

Design impact is a categorization of seven levels from “Insignificant” to “Exceptional” that indicate the impact redesigning or migrating the application would have in relation to all other applications. The Design impact is calculated from three main sources: Complexity, Insights (source code analysis) and Design Similarity between databases.

Does ApplicationInsights show both Notes client and web browser usage?

Yes, ApplicationInsights differentiates between Notes client and web browser usage and even gives insight into web usage from mobile devices.

Does any data leave my organization during data collection analysis?

No, all processing is done on premises within the turn-key virtual appliance. It contains all elements required for collection, data warehousing, analysis and visualization.

On which platforms is ApplicationInsights available?

ApplicationInsights is a repository for IBM Domino application data and can be implemented in your environment as Docker package, VMWare or HyperV image.

Do I need to install anything on my Domino servers or change database configuration?

No additional installations on Domino servers are necessary. Usage and Design collection happens over standard Notes communication channels and functionalities that are enabled on Domino servers per default.

Can I evaluate panagenda ApplicationInsights?

Absolutely! If your company has an active maintenance subscription for IBM Notes/Domino products, you might even be eligible for the free IBM Entitlement Edition. If that is not the case, please contact panagenda directly for a 30 day evaluation version.

What are the restrictions in the evaluation version?

ApplicationInsights will unlock access to usage information of the 50 most used databases and complexity information for the 50 most complex databases. In addition, source code analysis will be performed on 50 databases within this list of the most used and most complex. The evaluation version will provide this functionality for 30 days.

How do I run ApplicationInsights in my own environment?

ApplicationInsights comes as a turn-key virtual appliance that does not require any software installations beyond VM deployment. Supported virtualization platforms are VMWare vSphere (recommended for production) and VMWare Workstation (for evaluation purposes). Support for Microsoft Hyper-V and native Docker deployments is being worked on.

How is ApplicationInsights licensed?

ApplicationInsights is a subscription license based on so called Focus Database instances. Focus DBs are determined by excluding all system databases, mail files, directories, etc. from the database inventory. What remains behind are database instances relevant for licensing: Mail-In databases and custom applications.

Do I have to license ApplicationInsights for my entire application landscape?

No, it is up to the customer’s discretion how many databases are unlocked. ApplicationInsights offers Value Packs that unlock 500 additional database instances per pack. Which databases are unlocked is determined by DB usage from most used to least used. Database instances with the highest usage will be unlocked first.

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