In recent ApplicationInsights versions, the minimum required hardware level of our appliances is 11 (formerly 8). This means ApplicationInsights supports VMWare from ESXi 6.0 and Workstation 11.x and up.

If you are running older version, please follow these steps to downgrade the virtual appliance (to level 8 in this example):

  1. Open the .ova file with 7zip
  2. Delete the .cert and .mf inside of the .ova
  3. Edit the .ovf file inside of the .ova and set the VirtualSystemType element to vmx-08:

  4. Import the .ova file and startup the appliance

  5. Uninstall the open-vm-tools package:

    yum remove open-vm-tools
  6. Install the correct open-vm-tools version:


    Pick open-vm-tools version depending on ESXi version: If you can not find the required version on that page, please search the internet for it.
    Open-vm-tools rpm downloads:

    yum install
  7. Exclude open-vm-tools from yum upgrades:
    Add following line to /etc/yum.conf

  8. Reboot the appliance to finish the downgrade