The overview section of panagenda ApplicationInsights gives you a quick overview of your complete application environment and the status of data collection.

In this topic:

Status Dashboard

The status Dashboard gives you a first glance of the usage and design insights status:

  • # DB Instances Discovered: The rounded number of database instances (individual database replicas) discovered on the servers being polled.


    If not all servers in the environment are included in the collection this number might be skewed. For accurate information, it is important to include at least all servers that might hold applications or mail-in databases but preferably all servers for proper visualizations across the entire Domino environment

  • Databases Used in Last 90 Days: The percentage of database instances (out of the discovered instances) accessed by users in the last 90 days
  • # Focus DBs Identified: The number of database instances identified as either a type "Mail-In" database or type "Application". Other databases are: user, server & orphaned mailboxes, system databases and Directories.
  • %FocusDBsUsedinLast90Days: The percentage of focus database instances (out of the discovered instances) accessed by users in the last 90 days
  • % Focus DB Instances Unlocked: Percentage of database instances considered "Focus databases" that are covered for analysis by your license agreement
  • # Focus DBs Designs Collected and Analyzed: The number of Focus databases for which design analysis was successfully performed. If this number is lower than the number of Focus DBs identified this could indicate that not all databases could be analyzed.
  • % Focus DBs with Design Insights in Source Code: Percentage of the database instances analyzed for which design Insights were found. Design insights consist of "Findings" of specific code elements or combinations of code elements, based on predetermined rulesets.
  • #UsersRegistered: Total number of users registered in the Domino environment (taken from your Directory infrastructure)
  • # Users Active in Last 90 Days: Number of users who have shown activity in the Domino environment over the last 90 days

User Activity Last 90 Days: Shows you the activity generated for focus versus non-focus databases based on the "user access days". A user access day is the equivalent of a user accessing the database on a given day. By using days instead of sessions, it prevents sudden spikes of activity skewing the data. This graph gives you insights into which types of databases most of your users are working in (focus versus non-focus databases) and how they are accessing the databases (web versus client).

Usage History: Each column in this chart represents the total number of database instances which were accessed in the particular time frame. A database instance that was accessed in the last 7 days will thus also show up in all other 'used' columns. This graph will of course get more meaningful over time as it will start to highlight how many are still in daily use and how many are silently falling into disuse. 

Design Complexity: Indicates how the focus databases (databases of type Applications or Mail-In databases) are categorized in terms of design complexity. Design complexity depends on many factors which will be further explained in Design Complexity.

Environment Overview

The Environment overview provides you with a single overview of how the infrastructure of your Domino Environment is set up. 

It lists information about the number of:

  • Directories
  • Servers
  • Servers analyzed (by panagenda ApplicationInsights)
  • Number of Domino Releases (utilized by the servers)
  • Number of Operating Servers (utilized by the servers)
  • Registered Users
  • Active Users
  • Groups
  • Group members
  • ACL entries
  • Databases deployed (focus & non-focus databases)
  • Database storage used
  • Databases touched by active users
  • Views
  • Views indexed
  • View storage


The Inventory page will give you a global overview over the total number of database instances, and replica sets you have.

By comparing these numbers against usage information and disk space used you get a better insight into the actual capacity utilized by your Domino environment.