panagenda is proud to announce the release of this new version of ApplicationInsights, your guide through infrastructure transformation, IBM Notes database usage, source code and design analysis.

The new version contains a variety of new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. Here are a few highlights:

  • In previous versions of ApplicationInsights, the configuration button disappeared from the progress screen after the AI configuration was completed. That button now stays in place to give administrators easy access to the AI configuration while the appliance is still in the data collection / analysis stages.
  • Depending on the amount of database instances covered by the currently used license, the bottom of the catalog might show a message like “X applications omitted from the catalog due to license restrictions”. In previous versions of ApplicationInsights, the calculation behind that message took file types into account that weren’t correct. This has been fixed.
  • DB instance details from the catalog can be opened in a new browser tab by holding down CTRL when clicking on a database or using middle click. The new window is now opened without the complete navigation layout of ApplicationInsights on the left, thus providing more space for database details.
  • A number of performance improvements have been made throughout the UI. Amongst others, the dashboard, Inventory page, database details, similarity overview and the bubble charts now load substantially faster
  • The Inventory table has been reordered to align table content with the charts above it.
  • Certain system databases that weren’t detected as focus databases are now recognized properly and vice versa.
  • Several performance improvements have been added in the area of processing the collected data
  • The catalog now has a default filter applied to only show focus databases (applications and mail-in databases) by default
  • The Complexity chart (in the navigator: Design\Complexity) now states that the complexity index of focus DBs at the bottom of the page only shows the Top 1000
  • Ways for panagenda consulting to change Docker network IP segments have been added. Please contact in case your Domino servers might be using identical IP addresses as AI Docker containers do.

When upgrading, the existing appliance will stay in place and no historical data will be lost in the process. Simply download the installation package and extract the debz file from the zip to prepare the upgrade. Install the new version via the URL /pac on your server or using the menu option “Install New Version …” in the configuration menu. For detailed instructions please take a look at the ApplicationInsights Setup Guide.


We strongly encourage you to install updates as soon as they are available. The latest version will always provide best functionality and ensure the stability of your systems.