System settings are only available to users with the "Administrator" role and consists of several items accessible through the menu in the top right corner of panagenda ApplicationInsights ('cog wheel' symbol). 

  • Email profile settingsThis profile will be used to send important system notifications via email.
  • Data retention and cleanup options: This allows for periodic cleanup of already processed historical raw data. This purging of raw data does not affect the historical data used for displaying the user interface.
  • Database design re-scan optionsApplicationInsights automatically detects changes in database design based on database properties. It re-collects and analyzes based on these settings.
  • Design complexity calculation options: Here the factors which complexity calculation is based on can be adjusted.
  • Database coverage information: This view shows details about your AI license and how to obtain additional AI Value Packs.
  • Designanalysis status: Detailed information on design collection status per database instance and the option to rescan failed databases.
  • System configuration: Links back to the system configuration menu. Please refer to the Setup Guide for further details.
  • System Information: Provides information about the version of AI, the server (Virtual Appliance) it is running on, the browser currently being used to access panagenda ApplicationInsights and the cache. This information can also be requested of you by support in case of problems.
  • Download logs: Link to the administration section to download logs.

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