How do I know if the plugin is installed? What version do I have?

The easiest way to see if the plugin is installed is to check for the Tabzilla preference page in your Notes Preferences.

Open the Notes Preferences dialog by choosing the menu option File – Preferences. You should see an option on the left for "panagenda Tabzilla":

If this preference page doesn't exist, you don't have the plugin installed. If the plugin is installed, you can see the version of the plugin at the bottom of the preference page.

The plugin is installed, but I don't see any new menu items

It's possible that your preferences have been changed to hide all the menu items. Open the plugin preferences page as described above, and make sure there is a checkmark next to all the items in the "Activate these menu actions" section. Then click OK and try right-clicking an open tab again.

I chose the menu option Close All, but not all the tabs closed

By default, the Tabzilla plugin will not close your Home, Discover, Workspace, or Mail tabs. You can change this by opening the plugin preferences page as described above, and checking or unchecking items in the "Allow these tabs to be closed by a menu action" section.

Also, the Tabzilla plugin will always leave at least one tab open, to ensure proper functioning of the Notes client.

Tabzilla menu commands stopped working after I switched IDs

This was fixed in Tabzilla version 1.0.1. Please see Downloading the Tabzilla Plugin for information on how to get the latest version of Tabzilla.