After you have successfully created a database from the SecurityInsider template, you are two steps away from true insight into your public addressbook group structure and database ACLs across your servers:

  1. In the SecurityInsider database, navigate to the Mainenance/Admin - Configuration view:

2. Fill in the configuration form, which should be self-explanatory given its inline documentation.

Once you're done with configuration, you have two options:

  1. run your first scan from your client (simply click on the button at the bottom of the configuration form, when the document is NOT in edit mode)
  2. run the scan from a Domino server using the "ReflectAclAndGroupChanges" background agent in the SecurityInsider database.

NOTE: Database scanning will (attempt to) open ALL database ACLs on the specified database scan servers - please make sure that you have proper access to the databases and/or be prepared for denied access errors on the corresponding server consoles / logs.

We suggest that you start with a Group scan server and ONE database scan server to start with (of which the latter could even be your local client if you use option 1 above).

Should you want to do a full scan on a local machine, please make sure that you:

  • replicate the public addressbook to your local machine
  • configure group and database server names as follows:

(Yes, servername is "Local" instead of just empty)

Once you've started the scan agent (be it locally via the configuration form, or the background agent), progress can be monitored from within the SecurityInsider database by watching and refreshing the Processing Logs view: