Security, audits and compliance more efficient than ever before! Provide essential insights for the administration and security of your IT infrastructure.

Who has access to what

Recognize immediately whether or not your end users have adequate access rights. Administrators and security officers are granted full visibility across all databases and the security infrastructure.

Who is in which groups and why?

Essential insights for administrators and security officers: Amongst other questions, SecurityInsider answers which subgroups effectively provide users with membership to parent groups.

Automated client settings

SecurityInsider works perfectly with MarvelClient and can immediately apply your security settings to the client. Automatically remove databases and their local replicas, that a user no longer has access to. On the flip side, MarvelClient can also add applications depending on user rights.


SecurityInsider Editions

SecurityInsider is available in three different editions (Light, Analyze, Automate) to meet your exact needs:

Synchronisation of Group and Certifier membership changes with MarvelClientYESYESYES
Visualization of Group structuresLimited to 25 groupsYESYES
Analysis of Groups (views in SecurityInsider)Limited to 25 groupsYESYES
Analysis of ACLs (views in SecurityInsider)Limited to 25 ACL s per serverYESYES
Endpoint Analysis (views in SecurityInsider)YESYES
Synchronisation of your database landscape, groups and ACLs with MarvelClientYES
Automated deployment and undeployment of Databases in synchronisation with database creation, removal, moves and ACL changesYES

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