GreenLight is a monitoring, reporting and analytics solution with a strong focus on End-To-End monitoring and quality of service assessments. Deployed as a virtual appliance and accessed via a browser, it offers a unique framework for visualizing and optimizing the collaboration infrastructure. 

The solution offers a broad range of application scenarios beyond "plain old server monitoring". Based on historical data collected from sources like Domino, Traveler, Sametime, Websphere, Blackberry, etc., it provides flexible and easy to use functionalities in the area of quality of service and performance analysis.

As a VMWare virtual appliance it seamlessly integrates in your infrastructure and is configured, up and running in half an hour. It is designed as an agent-less solution to be absolutely non-intrusive by causing no need for installations on any of your servers.

GreenLight allows you to see and visualize things they've never seen before. Performance data, potential problems and areas to improve can be easily identified and take out the guesswork when consolidating servers, moving users or applications. SLA reporting is a breeze with GreenLight and keeping SLAs is even easier as automatic notifications alert when an SLA is about to be broken.

Functional Details

  • Easy setup requirements with almost no maintenance effort

  • Enterprise scalable data collection

  • Built-in reporting environment requiring no comprehensive Excel skills or frustrating data collection and transformation

  • Pre-configured monitoring for any network service: IBM Domino/Sametime/Traveler/BES/SNMP/TCP/UDP etc

  • Automated infrastructure health surveillance: quality of service facts around database and server performance, mail- & replication analysis, etc.

  • Alerting & automated actions provide options ranging from simple mail alerts to restarting a task or the entire server

  • Live monitoring dashboard in tabled format and as dynamic topology map 

  • Powerful custom charts created in an easy to use interface

  • Pre-defined reports like SLA compliance & cluster analysis

  • Easy analyzing of database information, making security audits and health checks more efficient

  • Drill down analysis of historical data at your fingertips

GreenLight Appliance Details

panagenda GreenLight is developed as a virtual appliance.

The 64 bit panagenda GreenLight Virtual Image:

  • CentOS 7.3
    panagenda GreenLight is based on the very popular CentOS Linux distribution, which is based on the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). CentOS 7 was chosen because of its stability and its long time support (Maintenance until June 2024). It uses a current kernel version (3.10.x) for virtual systems. Only security patches are configured for automatic update via the YUM (yellowdog updater modified).

  • Docker 17 CE

  • Docker Compose 1.11

  • Tomcat 8 Application Server

  • NodeJS 6 Application Server

  • Nginx 1.11 Reverse Proxy Server

  • Java 8 Virtual Machine

  • PostGreSQL 9.6 Relational Database Server

  • A sub-set of Domino 9.0.1 Linux 64 Bit binaries 
    (Domino server will not be started)