More than Server Monitoring: End -to-end monitoring, quality of service assessment and a unique charting and reporting platform bring Infrastructure surveillance at the next level.

panagenda GreenLight watches over your Collaboration environment from the perspective of the end user in order and goes far beyond ordinary server monitoring.

The key features of Greenlight are:

  • Quality of service (QoS) measurig
  • End to end and performance monitoring
  • Agentless virtual appliance (immediaty ready)
  • Powerful charting and Reporting (ex. SLA, DAOS, Traveler)
  • Integration with for example: IBM Tivoli or HP Open View

GreenLight informs you how well your infrastructure is performing now, rather than saving various measurements, in order to provide historic reporting at all times while charting and constantly available to provide investigative analysis. All the measurements are displayed on dashboard which can be accessed over the browser and individually adjusted. This way you know at all times and through multiple means


GreenLight Platforms:

Ready-made VMWare image to monitor IBM Connections, IBM Domino, IBM Sametime, IBM Traveler, IBM WebSphere, Web Servers, Microsoft Servers, Blackberry Enterprise Servers and many more

This results in the following competitive advantages:

GreenLight Cloud Monitoring

GreenLight is the perfect monitoring software solution for Cloud infrastructures:

  • In the planning phase of your Cloud project, Greenlight will help you with perfecting your strategies. Sensors for IBM Domino, Traveler, Sametime and Connections provide you with important information on how to optimize and prepare your server environment for the Cloud
  • Establishes meaningful performance analysis reporting during Cloud Onboarding
    • For example, how do the Cloud operations function with Sametime, Connections and Traveler? Evaluate the finite details in order to determine if your server expectations are being met.
    • Reduce your system resource requirements of on-premise servers already during Onboarding. Greenlight offers you comprehensive reports on the workload of your servers.
    • HTML user simulation sensors allow for an individual charting and reporting of on-premise and Cloud servers.
  • Maintain a clear overview of the performance of the Cloud server. GreenLight provides you regular SLA-Reports and historical performance analyses. In addition, end to end monitoring of end user HTML simulations ensures comprehensive analysis for the Cloud server.
The complete infrastructure in clear dashboards

GreenLight offers you many ways in which you can visually present and easily analyze measurement data and system information in real time.

Our task is to offer you information that far exceeds mere knowledge, whether a service reacts or not. We provide you with the tool to instantly determine if something is wrong and exactly how to avoid this in future.

Server Performance Monitoring - Overview

The above screenshot (Health Grid) presents several servers and measurement data, depicted on the so called Health Grid. If you look closer, you will notice our powerful IBM Domino Audit Sensor monitoring over 40 key statistics (see also the detailed screenshot for Domino Audit below).

Server Performance Monitoring - Overview

This image (Options to group servers) presents the possibility of grouping servers, either by location, data center or function etc. As our larger clients operate several thousand servers, grouping and filtration allows them to keep an eye on all of them – and that on a single monitor.

Many GreenLight Sensors do a lot more than simply measure, they go all out and make the most out of the data available. One such example is the Domino Audit Sensor that watches over the critical health-parameter of your IBM Domino server:


Intelligent and situation appropriate alerts and actions

When it comes to alerting, GreenLight provides you with many different options, all of which can be flexibly combined:

  • Audible and visual notifications in GreenLight dashboard
  • Email and SMS alerts via SMTP
  • SNMP Trap notifications to other monitoring systems
  • Issuing of Domino Console commands (e.g. restart a task or even the whole server)
  • Connections Chat (Sametime) chat messages
  • Syslog messages
  • IBM Connections activities

There are a number of alerting configuration options that help to avoid a flooding of unnecessary emails and alerts. It’s also possible to configure according to when alerts were issued such as business hours or maintenance periods.  Image 3 shows conditions and advanced options of configuration for alerts and actions.

Server Performance Monitoring - Overview

Security audits and health checks for databases

If you want to find out more about the setup of your database, this component will save you a lot of trouble – security audits or health checks could not be more efficient.

All databases in your infrastructure will be analyzed and displayed in different categories (highest priority) depending on your configuration


All databases in your infrastructure will be analyzed and depending on your configuration, clearly displayed in different categories (highest priority) and organized by degree of severity.


The analysis of your database information has never been so simple. We would like to illustrate how you can benefit using the following example:

  • Identify gaps in security caused by default (everyone has access) or anonymous (everyone has access over the browser)
  • Identify large databases with large storage capacity (caused by deletion stubs)
  • Identify databases that have a negative impact on the performance of servers as a whole (due to incorrect replication settings or full text updates)
  • Identify databases being replicated on servers repeatedly
  • Identify cases where multiple databases claim to be the same master template


Innovative visualization for mail and replication topologies

Offering you a new view of your infrastructure. Based on connection documents, the connections of your servers and the data flow between them, are shown in this topology display in a simple and clear way.

Are replication and mail flow paths configured correctly? The days of gathering this information manually and comparing it to the actual connection documents are over. That which used to occupy hours or even days every quarter, is completed by GreenLight Topology Explorer automatically, interactively and always then when you want it.


However fundamental, knowing where the data flows means an improvement in efficiency and cost reduction in the infrastructure. Nevertheless, it is bound to the analysis of how much data flows between nodes and why.

GreenLight Topology Explorer assists you in clearly displaying how much data flows between servers, in which directions it flows and which operations cause this. Furthermore, a traffic analysis (based on databases and users) and other features are available that may well come to your rescue.

IBM Monitoring - Domino, Connections and Sametime

GreenLight offers a wealth of sensors for the monitoring of IBM technologies. The three core technologies of GreenLight Monitoring are made up of IBM Domino, IBM Connections and IBM Sametime:

Monitoring sensors for IBM Domino server include:

  • Unlimited scope of server statistics
  • Server Availability
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Database Access
    • Measure the time it takes to open a database, view, or document – up to a random document to circumvent caching issues with performance measurements
    • Counting of documents in a specific category, e.g. number of open help desk incidents
    • Disk statistics, including resolving of disk mappings on servers running on Microsoft Windows
    • Log analysis (search for free text, event levels or conditions like “router task errors”)
    • Mail statistics
    • Mailflow analysis
    • Replication analysis
    • Reliable task monitoring
    • View data extraction
    • HTML user simulation

As mentioned in the GreenLight overview, all data that is collected can be used for powerful alerting, actions, charting and reporting.

Screenshot 1 shows report templates for IBM Domino available out of the box.

Screenshot 2 illustrates timeline charting across any combination of servers and statistics, with the possibility of zooming in and out of time periods, applying ascending value filters, and additional features that make it easy to work with your data.


panagenda GreenLight not only provides unique monitoring capabilities for IBM Connections, but also allows to integrate it with alerting.

Considering GreenLight also monitors IBM Connections’ underlying IBM Websphere and DB2, you can also tap into the wealth of information from your social collaboration landscape.

IBM Sametime (IBM Connections Chat) is both a key target for panagenda GreenLight monitoring, as well as for alerting – just like IBM Connections.

If an administrator is alerted of a server outage, GreenLight can simultaneously send a Sametime chat message.

panagenda GreenLight knows how to best watch over your instant messaging and meetings infrastructure by

  • collecting a rich variety of details from your Sametime servers,
  • performing single user simulations in Connections Chats and meetings,
  • and even offering multi-user chat and meeting simulations across multiple GreenLight instance
panagenda GreenLight: Sametime End to End
End-to-End monitoring for the mobile IT landscape

One only realizes that the underlying systems are not functioning, when you can no longer work on the go. As such, it’s even more important to have a reliable monitoring of the mobile infrastructure, especially with regard to technologies IBM Traveler and Blackberry Enterprise Server:

IBM Traveler:

An ever growing number of mobile devices, email messages and calendar entries rely on IBM Traveler every single day. panagenda GreenLight not only watches over your IBM Traveler servers, but continuously gathers valuable data from them. A detailed description of two exciting use cases can be found on our blog. Furthermore, GreenLight also knows…

  • how many users use mobile email, collectively and per server
  • how many devices connect regularly and how
  • who has one, two or more than two devices
  • which device types and how many of each are out there (from iPhones, iPads, Androids and Windows Phones to the exact make and model)
  • the amount of incoming and outgoing emails, number of created calendar entries, addresses and more

… for a constant overview of your mobile environment.

panagenda GreenLight: Mobile Device Distribution Overview

Blackberry Enterprise Server:

Blackberry is a critical component for many of our customers, using it primarily on management level, others relying on Blackberry for all mobile devices. The following screenshots show dashboard components available in GreenLight to oversee your Blackberry Infrastructure, from BES 5 and up:





More platforms and sensors: cloud, hardware and protocols

Due to GreenLight’s unique architecture, we add support for new systems and data sources on a continuous basis. Looking beyond IBM ICS, the following are prominent reasons why customers choose panagenda GreenLight as their monitoring solution:

  • Monitoring of cloud services
  • Microsoft Windows Servers
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Industrial Software Solutions
  • Hardware with network interfaces

If there is a system or data source missing, please contact us and inform us on how we can help you.