With Greenlight, all servers in your IT infrastructure are fail-safe and performant.

End-To-End Simulations

Run End-To-End user simulations for various technologies in your organization: Greenlight not only verifies, for example, availability of web services, but also whether the correct site content is being loaded (pagesource parsing). This is a way of reliably checking functions from Cloud based services for all locations of your company. User simulations confirm, for example, that HCL Sametime in the Connections Cloud is functioning as desired.


Proactively fix your IT issues before they negatively affect the productivity of your users. The live data collectors in Greenlight naturally include countless technologies and can be expanded almost limitlessly. Dependent on the degree of severity or a receiver’s individual preference, it is possible to define a number of channels for alerts and notification: broadcasts, emails, instant messages, SMS and much more.


GreenLight automatically generates management reports for you or other recipients in your organization, ensuring the appropriate persons are informed on the status of Service Level Agreements (SLA) and the performance of various systems in the IT infrastructure. Using historic data and pattern analysis, Greenlight immediately identifies any deviations in infrastructure usage. Greenlight audits and evaluates this information and determines appropriate measures: different configurations, optimizations or modernization.


What makes panagenda GreenLight special?

The range of functions of panagenda GreenLight goes beyond operational monitoring, especially since all measurement data can also be stored historically (indefinitely). Other highlights include:

  • Quality-of-Service analyzes and management reports, eg Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Automatic actions: such as notifications, support ticket creation, and server reboots
  • End-to-end approach: suitable for on-premise, hybrid & cloud environments
  • Unique usability and visualization: individual dashboards, powerful reports and interactive charts
  • Individual “open source” extensibility (e.g., Nagios integration)

Which servers can be monitored with GreenLight?

All types of Microsoft (including Exchange, Sharepoint, Office 365) and HCL Collaboration servers, web servers, Blackberry Enterprise servers and many more thanks to the extensibility of Powershell and Shell Script as well as compatibility of various network protocols (Ping, TCP, UDP, SNMP, ICMP, etc.).

Do I have to install GreenLight agents or the like on my servers in order to use the service?

No. GreenLight is an agile virtual appliance that can be easily integrated into your infrastructure.

What is the benefit of end-to-end monitoring?

This allows GreenLight to provide valuable insights not only for on-premises infrastructures but also hybrid and pure cloud environments.

On which platforms is GreenLight available?

GreenLight monitors all types of HCL and Microsoft servers, web servers, Blackberry Enterprise servers and all kind of network services. It is available as VMWare image to be implemented in your IT environment.

Can GreenLight be expanded?

Yes. Due to generic sensors and the comprehensive charting and reporting framework, you can individually extend your operational monitoring to all systems. You can, for instance, also transfer the results of other monitoring solutions (Nagios) into GreenLight and integrate them into the reports.

Can GreenLight automatically send notifications?

Yes. The possibilities for the automated sending of messages, alarms and reports are very comprehensive in GreenLight. SMS, Sametime messages, SNMP mails or SLA reports to management, to name but a few examples.

Can I use GreenLight to monitor the availability and performance of my web server?


Can GreenLight also automate console commands, such as server reboots?


  • 1 – 49 Servers
  • 50 + Servers
  • GreenLight
    Rental Option monthly per server *
    • 1 - 49 Servers
    • 50 + Servers
    • $ 50
    • Contact us for pricing options
  • GreenLight
    Permanent Option per server
    • 1 - 49 Servers
    • 50 + Servers
    • $ 1.500 (incl. 1 year maintenance and support)
    • Contact us for pricing options

If you love simple solutions, you will love GreenLight – and it‘s very simple pricing.

* Prices are based on annual subscription. Contact us for monthly subscription options.

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