GreenLight keeps all servers in your IT infrastructure failsafe and highly performant

Greenlight relieves burden in your everyday tasks by identifying problems in the IT environment even before the first support call is lodged. Our solution watches over your server environment from an end-user perspective. You benefit from Greenlight’s features on-premises, as well as in the Cloud and in Hybrid IT infrastructures.

Key Features:

  • Preconfigured turnkey live monitoring for IT systems of all kinds
  • Quality-of-Service analyses and management reports e.g. Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Automatic actions e.g. alerts, support ticket creation and server restarts
  • End-To-End approach: suitable for on-premises, Hybrid & Cloud environments

Competitive Advantage

  • Unique usability and visualization: individual dashboards, comprehensive reports and interactive charts
  • Includes live monitoring, extending to analyses of historical data: data volume limited only to hard drive capacity
  • Simple deployment with an agentless virtual appliance for VMWare products and Microsoft Hyper-V


  • Various IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) including: IBM Domino, IBM Connections, IBM Sametime, IBM Traveler, IBM WebSphere
  • Microsoft Exchange, Windows Service & Performance Counter
  • HTML user simulations
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • Network-Services: Ping, TCP, UDP, SNMP, ICMP and more
  • Individual “open source“ expandability (e.g. Nagios integration)

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Proactively fix your IT issues before they negatively affect the productivity of your users. The live data collectors in Greenlight naturally include countless technologies and can be expanded almost limitlessly. Dependent on the degree of severity or a receiver’s individual preference, it is possible to define a number of channels for alerts and notification: broadcasts, emails, instant messages, SMS and much more.


Greenlight automatically generates management reports for you or other recipients in your organization, ensuring the appropriate persons are informed on the status of Service Level Agreements (SLA) and the performance of various systems in the IT infrastructure. Using historic data and pattern analysis, Greenlight immediately identifies any deviations in infrastructure usage. Greenlight audits and evaluates this information and determines appropriate measures: different configurations, optimizations or modernization.

End-To-End Simulations

Run End-To-End user simulations for various technologies in your organization: Greenlight not only verifies, for example, availability of web services, but also whether the correct site content is being loaded (pagesource parsing). This is a way of reliably checking functions from Cloud based services for all locations of your company. User simulations confirm, for example, that IBM Sametime in the Connections Cloud is functioning as desired.

  • 1 – 49 Servers
  • 50 + Servers
  • GreenLight
    Rental Option monthly per server *
    • 1 - 49 Servers
    • 50 + Servers
    • $ 50
    • Contact us for pricing options
  • GreenLight
    Permanent Option per server
    • 1 - 49 Servers
    • 50 + Servers
    • $ 1.500 (incl. 1 year maintenance and support)
    • Contact us for pricing options

If you love simple solutions, you will love GreenLight – and it‘s very simple pricing.

* Prices are based on annual subscription. Contact us for monthly subscription options.

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