You can use a Domino Console action to trigger all kinds of console commands.
The aim of this configuration is, to restart the router task whenever a certain amount of dead e-mails has been reached (eg. after 3 measurement runs). If the situation does not improve (after restarting the router) one can trigger in addition a normal e-mail notification to the admin (e.g. triggerd after 5 measurements)


-Create a Domino Statistics Sensor and add a Domino Console command action.

-We decide to use the following condition:   If there are more than 100 dead e-mails, then this condition becomes true



${result.statistics['Mail.Dead'] > 100}


-click on Advanced Options

Select the following check boxes and adjust the values in the two fields

In this case, the action will wait 5 measurement runs until it triggers a single a console command



-Click next

-Enter the following string



Restart Task Router


-Create a SMTP notification

Define the same Condition but choose the following Advanced options (because we want to trigger only the SMTP e-mail if the previous console command did not solve the issue)


-Click next

-Enter the notification Text

Copy / Paste

Mail Dead on ${gl:commonName(}

Current Dead mail on Server ${gl:commonName(} is:

Please check immediately!



You should have now the following actions


You can imagine that a'lot of other nice use-cases exists (smile)


-trigger a load compact on a database whenever it is above a certain threshold....


-first notify the administrator and if the issue still occurs then send a notification to his manager