Monitoring the amount of active mobile devices vs. the amount of active http.workers is pretty important on IBM Traveler.

The aim of this kbase example is, that you can set an alert condition whenever the amount of active devices multiplied by the factor 1.2 is above the level


-Configure a Domino Statistics Sensor. This type of Sensor collects all relevant Traveler Statistics

-Add a SMTP Mail action via  the Action tab

-Configure the following condition


Copy / Paste:

${result.statistics['Traveler.Push.Devices.Total'] * 1.2 > result.statistics['Http.Workers']}


-Configure the notification text

This is just an example text



too less workers !
current http workers: ${result.statistics['Http.Workers']}
necessary http workers: ${result.statistics['Traveler.Push.Devices.Total'] * 1.2}




Whenever the condition is met, the notification would look like this:




That's one of the best examples where you can build a action condition based on a mathematical calculation.