You may have the situation that you wanna monitor processes on a windows host. For example a process like e.g. winlogon,exe

This kbase article explains a very simple usecase where you want to get notified whenever this process is gone/crashed/disappeared.



  • Open the Windows Host in GL and click on Load Counter (make sure you have assigned the right Authentication Profile)
  • drag'n'drop the Process Category to the right and save/close


  • create a Performance Counter Sensor and assign the correct host
  • leave the Settings


  • Add an action and copy/paste the following condition string

whenever the process is gone, this perfcounter key does not exist anylonger → this condition becomes true ad fires off the notification


  • Add a notification text
    for instance:

Winlogon Process on ${gl:commonName(} is NOT running!








from now on you get notified whenever the winlogon process is gone (smile)