All panagenda backend configuration is stored in the following configuration files:



  • ...tomcat7

In most cases there is no need to modify values in these files. However, there are some important values stored within them that could, in some special cases, need some optimization.

These files keep essential configuration information for the panagenda GreenLight backend system. Changing these values could result in an instable runtime behavior of panagenda GreenLight or result in panagenda GreenLight not starting any more. We strongly recommend to backup these files before applying changes to it.

Important configuration values are:

  • id file (filename only)
  • id password (unencoded)
  • greenlight.logs.path:path to the log folder
  • greenlight.heartbeat.filename:the filename of the GreenLight heartbeat file
  • greenlight.timezone.substitution.<TIMEZONE>:used to replace IBM Domino time zone names with standard UTC values. For example "greenlight.timezone.substitution.CEDT=+0200" will replace CEDT in date/time strings with +0200. It is also possible to replace one timezone with another, such as "greenlight.timezone.substitution.CEDT=CEST"All other values should be left untouched unless it is recommended by panagenda GreenLight's support stuff.

  • org.quartz.threadPool.threadCount: the number of threads that are available for concurrent execution of sensors. For Example "org.quartz.threadPool.threadCount=10"
  • org.quartz.jobStore.misfireThreshold: the number of milliseconds the scheduler will "tolerate" a sensor to pass its next-fire-time by, before being considered "misfired". For Example "org.quartz.jobStore.misfireThreshold = 60000"


  • STATIC_XMX:maximum java heap size (or memory available to tomcat)here you can modify the value which is usually calculated automatically by the system. A modification of this value, for example, makes sense for systems with a lot of memory. Possible values are for example "512MB", "1GB"
  • STATC_XMS:initial java heap size (maximum see bullet point above)
  • ADD_JAVA_OPTS:Additional options for the JVM of Tomcat. Example value: "-XX:+UserParallelGC"