The panagenda GreenLight Web Interface is available on virtually any platform supported by Adobe Flash Player 11. For detailed information on how to install and run Adobe Flash on your environment, please visit Adobe's Flash Product page.

Operating System and Software Requirements

As for hardware, panagenda GreenLight's Web Interface is available on any operating system supported by Adobe Flash. Currently, Adobe Flash is supported on major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux. Detailed information about OS support can be found here.
Adobe Flash Player Version 11 or newer (web browser plug-in) is required to run the panagenda GreenLight environment. For the best panagenda GreenLight experience, panagenda recommend the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Browser Security and Network Access

No special web browser security settings are required to run the panagenda GreenLight Web Interface. To store login information, permission to save flash cookies is required.
To access the panagenda GreenLight Web Interface, you need to have access at least to the panagenda GreenLight appliance via TCP/IP, Port 80 (HTTP) and Port 443 (HTTPS).