In order to monitor a Domino Server which is behind of a passthru server you need to adjust few things in the local address book (names.nsf) on the GreenLight Appliance.

  • download the names.nsf
  • modify the names.nsf
    •  Create a Connection doc in the local names.nsf as "Local Area Network", with TCPIP checked and the Domino common name in the Server Name field:
      • e.g. ServerA
    • On the Advanced tab, enter the Server Name from step #1 in the Destination Server Address field
      • e.g. ServerA

    • Go back to the Basics tab, change the connection type to "Passthru Server" and put the Domino abbreviated name of the passthru server in the Passthru Server field (NOTE: you should already have a normal Connection doc for the passthru server in the local names.nsf). Then save and close the doc.
      • e.g. Passthru/ACME

  • upload the names.nsf again to GL and restart the appliance

  • In Greenlight, create a new Server definition using the Domino Common name from step #2 in the Hostname/IP field, click the checkbox next to Domino Server, and click the "Check" button

With this approach the Destination and OptionalNetworkAddress fields (in the connection document ) have the right values GL need