Using the Linux Shellscript sensor allows you to configure any monitoring keys. Whenever you introduce new keys to a script, and you want to depict a chart for this key (GreenLight UI) , the Chart may show emptiness although the system is monitored and stores all the values correctly.

The system currently works as designed because one would need to wait some time until the new key(s) can be used for charting.

If you dont want to wait, please use the following workaround


  • Whenever you introduce new keys to a script, trigger a measurement
  • Wait at least 5min and open the following URL

https://<<<< FQDN of your GL box>>>>/ramkin/api/v1/template-expressions?className=com.panagenda.greenlight.plugin.shellscript.sensor.ShellScriptSensor

The output will show you all the ShellScript keys (since the beginning of the collection) incl. the new one

  • Now the chart will work for the new key