When used in it's simple fashion, the Mail Flow Analysis sensor sends an email to a specified recipient and checks the target server of the sensor for the delivery of this email. In order to be able to specify multiple targets in such a sensor, multiple eMails have to be sent, so each of the target servers will receive an eMail that can be checked for.

With GreenLight version 2.6.2 we introduce this advanced usage option of the sensor and making it possible by being able to specify a placeholder in the recipient, so a separate mail is sent to a recipient based on the common name of the target server.



The following example shows an example for a configuration using the placeholder in the recipient field:

As a result of these settings, three mails will be sent (to: testuser.baal@domain, testuser.ColabCluster@domain and testuser.horus@domain).

Checking Results

From there on, the sensor works as usual: the Check Target DB file on each target will be opened to look for the test mail.

The sensor results can be found in Live Monitor -> Sensor Overview by double clicking the individual specified targets.