In most of the cases it is pretty important to assign certain maintenance windows to your servers or even clusters. Based on these settings, GreenLight will use them to not trigger any actions during a maintenance window AND maintenance windows are also intensively used for Reports
(so they are reflected in SLA reports)
I guess you don't want to get flooded with dozens of mails if a server is unavailable because you are performing a scheduled maintenance (smile)

Below's configuration shows you two ways how you can assign such maintenance windows


Node Level:

  • open a node / server / cluster and jump to Step 5 of 6
  • you can set a periodic or a static one (in this example we choose the first option)
  • Please define the right timezone
  • Our aim is to set a window for → run every 2nd friday of each month between 4-6 AM

the following screenshot shows this configuration (Advanced Settings Tab)

copy/paste:  * * 4-5 ? 1/1 FRI#2 *

4-5 means:   4:00 AM - 5:59AM

If you want to add another one (e.g run every 4th friday of each month) just add another entry to the list


Alert Level:

Make sure that you also check the box for the alerts that you do not want to appear during maintenance window.