Starting with GreenLight v2.9.5, we have added some enhancements within the Domino Availability Sensor. The new functionality gives you the advantage that you can distinguish now if the Domino Server became unavailable because the underlying host went down OR because the domino Server itself is having issues.

The following example shows how you can configure such Sensor.


Domino Availability Sensor

On the Settings Tab you can define now the amount of pings which are executed during a measurement cycle.


Assigning Actions:

In this example we assign only a simple Notification action:

Notification for “Domino down”:

Select “Servers Responding Pct. “ in the Condition pane and choose !=100


Under Advanced options, please select the new Option “Do not execute if server cannot be pinged successfully”


Specify a Message text for the unavailability


If you like you can set a “good message” whenever the server becomes available again (see also: Good Message)



Notification for “HOST down”:

Select the radio button “Run this action when…” and enter the following string:


If the ping does not get any reply, the value will be zero and therefore the action gets triggered.


On the Advanced options tab make sure that the checkbox forDo not execute if server cannot be pinged successfully” is not checked.

Adjust the Message text according to your needs and Save / Close the Sensor.



The following statistics have been added to the Domino Availability Sensor:


So you can make use of a bunch of new statistics for alerting and charting !


 From now on you get two different notifications depending if the host or just the domino is down.