There are dozens/hundreds of usecases what you can do with Exchange powershell cmdlets.
This kbase shows you a simple configuration how you can utilize the Test-Mailflow cmdlet with the GL MS Powershell Sensor for an on-premises Exchange Server .




Before you start the configuration, please make sure that you cover the following requirements on the Exchange Server Level:

    • Activate remote Powershell settings on the target host (issue the following commands in the powershell console of a target)

Enable-PSRemoting –force

set-item -force WSMan:\localhost\Service\Auth\Basic $true

set-item -force WSMan:\localhost\Client\AllowUnencrypted $true

set-item -force WSMan:\localhost\Service\AllowUnencrypted $true

    • Make sure that you have an Account which is member of the local Administrator Group of the Target-Host (no need to be a Domain Admin!)
    • TCP Port 5985 (and 5986) needs to be opened between GreenLight and Target-Host


Depending on your requirements you could configure encrypted powershell communication as well (a bit more to configure) : Using SSL for Remote PowerShell in GreenLight



Create an Authentication Profile

  • Give it a Profile Name
  • Enter Username/Password
  • select http
  • Port: 5985


Add Server

Add your on-premises Exchange server to the GreenLight Server list and select "OS Services,PerfCounters, Powershell" and "MS Exchange"


Configure MS PowerShell Sensor

  • Script Type: cmdlet
  • Command Type: Exchange
  • cmdlet Name: Test-Mailflow
  • Parameters: -TargetEmailAddress <mailaddress>


  • Assign the previously created server as a Target




I assume the important output line is, if the Result shows "Success" or "Failed"