Release Notes - greenLight2 - Version 2.2.0

New Features


  • The Domino Mail Delivery Sensor has been added. This sensor emulates sending a mail to a mail in database on a target server and measures the times and hops from the source server to the target server, helping you to identify mail routing problems.
  • The Domino Replication Sensor has been added. This sensor emulates database replication to a database a a target server and measures the time from source to a target server and helps to identify replication problems.
  • The Domino Log Analysis Sensor has been added. This sensor can be used for Lotus Domino log database analysis. You can provide a set of search words and the sensor counts the occurrence of the provided words within the last measurement period and returns a categorized view of the results.
  • The HTML Access Sensor has been added. This sensor simulates a HTTP browser access to a defined URL and reports the HTTP access status.
  • The SNMP Device Sensor has been added. This sensor can be used to monitor any SNMP capable device.


Application Maintenance

  • When adding a custom Network Node, it is now possible to resolve the Domino Server Name automatically (additionally, this will create a new connection document for the Node).


  • License end will now be displayed in user chosen format without time part. Example: License valid until (including) Tue, 31.12.2000.
  • Licensee Name information will now be displayed.
  • Administrators will be warned before license expires.


  • "Welcome Message" in right upper corner of user interface has been removed.
  • Communication profiles can now be deleted via the right-click context-menu in the respective lists.
  • Actions will log the disk-full warning only in debug mode.
  • An extended description has been added for Mail Profiles, for Example: ID:8 - @
  • At login, a disk usage check is performed for each disk. If free space on disk is lower 5% and less than 500MB a warning is issued.
  • A "Reset Password" button has been added to User Account Details.

Live Monitor

  • Success messages will now always be either "Status: OK" or "Status: OK / <numeric status code>" (in most cases "Status OK / 0")
  • Live Monitor grid does now allow scrolling, to maintain visibility with a large number of different sensors.
  • A button has been added that allows to disable scrolling to show all columns onto one page.
  • The column headers do now show their full title on mouse-over.


  • Special characters !.,()- can now be used in Chart names
  • Line-charts will now show gaps if an error status occurs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Sametime Sensor was unable connect to the server via HTTPS
  • Fixed a bug where LiveMonitor was displaying "errorValue" even if the measurement was OK
  • Process-Info is now beeing removed properly if a chart could not be created
  • Fixed a bug where Notification Actions for Disk Statistics Sensor created invalid expressions
  • Fixed a bug in SNMP Sensor which could lead to too many open sockets
  • Sametime Statistics Sensor will now always return a result if HTTP status is OK
  • Task Statistics Sensor will now check mappings in ramkin-config properties before parsing a date
  • Fixed a bug where the title did not change when switching topics in main menu
  • Fixed un-scheduling of Sensors when a node is removed
  • Fixed incorrect display of timestamp for Domino Availability Sensor
  • Sensor data will now be properly removed from Network Status Overview
  • Node display list will now only show nodes for licensed certifiers