Release Notes - GreenLight - Version 2.4.0

New Features


  • General: the big topic of reporting is now available within GreenLight (GL). Currently in a rather basic form, it will constantly be extended over the next couple of versions and new report types will be added. Reports are scheduled data queries that result in a data table which is available within GL as well as in a CSV sent by eMail.
  • SLA Reports: this is the first type of report available. It is quite easy to set up since it has predefined columns that cover three topics: service availability, mail volume and server disk usage.
  • Data Evaluation: within the GL frontend, a charting framework for report results is available. This easy to use tool will allow a quick creation of custom charts based on report data and allows export as PDF as well as CSV. In addition, an offline alternative for data evaluation is available since the result of a report is also delivered per eMail. This Microsoft Excel Template is specifically designed for evaluation of "SLA Reports" and available for download via the panagenda update site.


  • Server Settings: it is now possible to manage business hours (BH) and maintenance periods (MP) as well as server time zones and locations on a per server/cluster basis. These settings will be taken into account when creating reports. Additionally, notification actions can be configured to send notifications only during business hours or to be skipped during maintenance periods.


  • Cluster/Server DB Access Sensor: a new sensor has been added that is currently named "Domino Cluster DB Access". It is the replacement for the old sensor "Domino DB Access", which will be discontinued with version 2.5.0. The new sensor is compatible with both servers as well as cluster nodes and provides additional configuration options and vastly improved result statistics. The new results include details about not only access times, but also properties of database, view, document and item (where configured).

Live Monitor

  • Graphical Server Overview: a new view has been added to LiveMonitor called "Graphical Overview". The aim of this new display method is to provide a way to arrange a large number of servers on the screen in a categorized way while still providing solid information about node and sensor status. This view is still in its basic form and subject to improvements in upcoming versions.



  • Statistics Display Format: improved the logic that handles separator display and added German separator format. The format is automatically selected upon locale selection at login.


  • Chart Scheduling: it is now possible to create charts using relative time frames (e.g create a chart for the last 12 hours)
  • Export Buttons: the label of export buttons will now make clear what type of file the export result will be (e.g. new label: 'Export CSV...')


  • Sensor Configuration: the "Current Sensors" list is now categorized by sensor type.
  • Domino Task Sensor: the result display has been improved and an option was added to allow hiding of tasks that are not monitored. Per default, only monitored tasks will now be displayed.


  • Server/Cluster configuration: fixed a bug where changing the name of a host was not immediately visible in Live Monitor and sensor configuration.
  • Domino statistics display: fixed a bug where statistics descriptions did not fit statistics.
  • Live Monitor: a bug has been fixed that would not display a red light when a measurement failed.
  • Live Monitor: fixed an issue where Domino Health column descriptions were not updated on sensor change/edit.
  • Sensor detail display: fixed a bug where the sensor details list would not be updated when a sensor was modified in the background.
  • BES/SNMP Statistics display: fixed a bug where SNMP codes where shown when full text searching.
  • Diagnostics Export: an improvement was added that will make sure browsers do not cache the generated "" file