Release Notes - GreenLight - Version 2.4.1

New Features


  • Configuration changes and notable system events (e.g. delete sensor/node, start Discovery) are now being logged and can be viewed in the event log.
  • A functionality has been added that allows "cloning" of a sensor via sensor context menu. This option will basically allow to duplicate a sensor's settings.



  • The current time of the GreenLight virtual appliance is now displayed on the bottom right corner of the desktop. Usually the times in the frontend are given in "local appliance time", so this feature will make it easier to interpret data (e.g. sensor measurement times).
  • A script function to extract the common and the abbreviated name of a Domino node has been added to the list of notification scripts.
  • The server settings wizard has been added to the "workflow" of initially setting up a GreenLight system. After the Discovery has finished, the wizard can directly be opened to set up server preferences.

Graphical Server Overview

  • An option has been added to the left-hand settings pane that allows selection of the sort mode in categories. The nodes can now either be sorted alphabetically, by problem severity or (as before) manually. The sort order "manual" will allow individual placement of the nodes in a category.


  • The Task Statistics Sensor will no longer fail if a discrepancy with decimal and thousands/grouping separators has been detected.


Live Monitor

  • Fixed a bug where measurement data expiry times were calculated incorrectly when there was a time difference between browser and GL appliance. The result of this issue were a large number of gray lights in the network overview and sometimes empty fields in the health monitor.
  • Graphical Server Overview: Fixed an issue where servers were not removed analog to health monitor after (e.g.) sensor removal.

Report Definitions

  • Fixed a bug where changes were not restored when re-opening the content config wizard before saving the report definition.
  • Fixed a bug where mail profiles were not updated when created while a report definition was open.
  • Creating/Editing report definitions is now restricted to administrator users. Normal users will still be able to see report results/data.
  • A bug has been fixed where a report result with status "disk full" blocked the result list and lead to empty result data.

Servers & Sensors

  • Sensor Configuration: A bug has been fixed where some context menu options for sensors were not visible (e.g. Delete Sensor)
  • Sensor Settings: Fixed a bug where an exception occurred when double-clicking a category.
  • Server Settings: Fixed a bug where the server name was canonicalized after editing settings.
  • Server Settings Wizard: Fixed a bug where no hosts were visible after initial Discovery.
  • Sensor Setup Wizard: Fixed a bug where sensors would not not show up after the wizard finished.
  • Statistics Sensors: A bug has been fixed where the Domino Statistics Sensor was not able to handle blanks as grouping separators.
  • Task Statistics Sensor: A bug where the default selection of tasks was not stored has been fixed.