Release Notes - GreenLight - Version 2.5.0

New Features


  • Database Maintenance: In the "System Preferences" panel, a sub section "DB Maintenance" has been added that allows deletion of historical data. Currently the functionality is limited to manually clearing data of three approximate time periods: "last week", "last month" and "older than a month". It will be improved in upcoming versions to allow manual date selection and automatic, scheduled purging.


  • Cluster Analysis Sensor: A new sensor has been added that checks cluster health in regards to cluster directory settings. An example for one of the outputs of this sensor is a list of databases that are set to be clustered, but are missing replicas on one or more cluster members.



  • Node/Cluster/Server Deletion: a progress indicator has been added to avoid confusion when using this functionality
  • Sensor Scheduling: the sensor scheduling interface has been vastly improved and is now similar to the report scheduling interface


  • Mail Delivery Sensor: added an option to supply a subject-prefix
  • Sensor Target Selection: depending on sensor type, only valid targets are being display in the target options list (example: a sensor that cannot work with clusters, will not display cluster nodes as available targets)
  • Disk Statistics Sensor: added a prepared condition to check for absolute size values instead of percent

Live Monitor

  • Live Monitor: we felt is was necessary to rename the major sections in the Live Monitor. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are positive that this is a change for the better. The section names will now fit the actual content much better. No further change of the names is planned at this point in time, but we will gladly receive your feedback on this update. Old "Domino Health Monitor" is now "Health Grid". Old "Graphical Overview" is now "Health Monitor". Old "Network Status Overview" is now "Sensor Overview".
  • Health Monitor (former Graphical Overview): added an option to hide uncategorized servers


Live Monitor

  • Sametime Sensor: fixed a bug where the status was not been displayed correctly

Servers & Sensors

  • HTML Access Sensor: fixed a bug where the password has been displayed in plain text
  • HTML Access Sensor: the input of backslashes in the path field has been restricted to avoid a possible bug
  • Disk Statistics Sensor: fixed a bug where data was not available if a separator discrepancy had been detected
  • Server Settings: fixed a bug where it was not possible to select a location for the Server/Cluster if there was only one location available
  • Replication Analysis Sensor: fixed a bug where "Delay creation by" was handled incorrectly


  • Chart Targets: fixed a bug where target icons were sometimes not displayed correctly
  • Chart Generation: fixed a bug where generating a chart for a non-existing statistic would sometimes cause an error